Kabo Dog Food Review: 2022

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This is our review of Kabo dog food in 2022.

Kabo is considered a relatively new arrival to the pet food industry. However, since its inception in 2019, it has taken the pet food industry by storm!

Kabo strives to provide your furry friend with a natural, wholesome meal that will prolong and increase their quality of life. 

They are committed to having a “meat-first” approach to all of their formulas, which is then bolstered by whole fruits and vegetables to give dog’s a vitamin-dense meal.

Having seen how Vino Jeyapalan founded the business, and his appearance on Dragons Den, I was excited to delve into Kabo’s dog foods and analyse the ingredients and contents of them!

Keep reading this Kabo dog food review to find out more about what I discovered, how they formulate their dog foods and the scientific processes and safety protocols they follow.

About Kabo

Kabo was established in January 2019 by Vino and Vijay Jeyapalan and is now considered one of Canada’s largest fresh dog food brands. [1,2]

Following the passing of his adopted Chow Chow, Kabo, Vino and his brother/co-founder set out on a mission to improve the life of dogs and how a quality diet can postively influence their lifespan. 

Kabo prides itself on delivering a personalized approach to purchasing dog food and maintaining high quality customer service and information resources for dog parents. Their formulas are made with the assistance of veterinarians and leading dog nutrition experts so they can ensure they provide safe, nutritional meals.

All the meals are made using fresh, natural ingredients every week, sourced from local Canadian suppliers. And while all their recipes are formulated to meet AAFCO standards, Kabo also excludes low-quality ingredients like by-products, artificial preservatives and colorings.

Concerned dog parents who feel strongly about providing their pup with a premium, natural diet are Kabo’s ideal consumers.

It is worth noting however, that this subscription dog food company’s recipes are not available outside of Canada at this time.

The History Behind Kabo

Like we previously mentioned, Kabo was founded after Vino suffered the loss of his dog, Kabo.

Both Vino and Vijay set off on a mission to understand the direct correlation between a healthy diet and the lifespan of dogs. 

They conducted several studies and surveys to gain a better understanding of whether high-quality, human-grade dog food was something dog owners wanted.

This led them to several scientific studies, including a Belgian study that verified that a fresh food diet can increase a dog’s lifespan by approximately 32 months. Another study by Purdue University indicated that the risk of cancer developing is significantly decreased by adding green vegetables three times a week to a dog’s diet. [3,4]

After further surveys, Kabo was eventually formed to provide fresh, natural diets for dogs and dog parents in Canada.

Both Vino and Vijay appeared on popular tv show Dragon’s Den, which you can see below, or click here to find out more info!

Vino and Vijay on Dragon’s Den

Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Quality

All the ingredients used in Kabo’s formulas are sourced locally from Ontario and farmers. 

The company has two production kitchens based in British Columbia and Ontario which then distributes the dog food directly to consumers across Canada. 

There was limited information to substantiate the exact details of Kabo’s manufacturing processes and quality control measures. But, within their FAQ’s section they state;

All our recipes are formulated by a team of pet nutritionists with a strong background in nutritional modeling.


We wanted to provide you with further information, so we reached out to Kabo themselves and interviewed their R&D Scientist and Nutritionist, Andrea Geiger. 

Here’s what she had to say:

Do you have a testing regime?

“Yes we do! Our fresh food is human grade so it actually has to undergo more quality assurance/food safety testing than typical feed grade pet food. Our co-manufacturer completes all of our food safety testing in the manufacturing facility, which includes microbial tests for listeria, salmonella and e. coli. Our incoming ingredients have also been safety tested by the suppliers.

In terms of nutritional testing, we do not do animal laboratory testing on our diets. We send all of our diets for nutritional analysis at a private laboratory to ensure that they are meeting quality standards.”

Are your dog foods formulated with veterinarians/ nutritionists?

“Yes they are. The diets are formulated by myself (a companion animal nutritionist) and 2 other canine nutritionists from our co-manufacturer. Just as a general piece of information, veterinarians are not the best source to formulate, approve or recommend pet food. It is surprising as nutrition is such a big part of a dog’s overall health but generally veterinarians do not have much training in nutrition, unless they are a board certified nutritionist (which very few are). Most commonly animal scientists are the ones to go to for nutrition expertise. 

All our diets are formulated to meet both AAFCO and NRC regulations for All Life Stages (including large breed puppies). This means all dogs can enjoy our food, including puppies and pregnant dogs.”

What is the process and systems you have in place?

“We really focus our products around what the customer wants and trends in the industry. Currently, we are seeing a lot of pet owners who are more invested in looking for more “humanized” meals for their dogs; diets that have healthier ingredients, are locally sourced, additive/filler free, etc. We take these variables into consideration when formulating our diets, in combination with peer-reviewed nutritional science.

We start by selecting the desired ingredients for each diet based on nutritional science and then source a Canadian supplier for those ingredients. The supplier then provides us with specs (a nutritional profile) on their ingredients, which we then use to formulate and balance macro and micro nutrients to their desired levels. From there, we do a series of whole batch testing and analysis, after which different elements are tweaked if needed. Once we are happy with the diets, they are packaged and distributed to customers via our operations department”

While this is a fairly new company, it is encouraging to hear that they strive to formulate their diets with an in-house pet nutritionist.

Their dog food is shipped frozen directly to consumers which is frequently noted by pet owners in reviews because it’s convenient and reduces wastage.


Kabo offers a unique customer experience when ordering on their website. Primarily, they will ask for crucial bits of information about your dog, such as their weight, body size, activity, and breed. See the illustration above.

This is so Kabo can pre-portion their foods depending on the individual dog, which as a result, leads to less waste. All Kabo dog foods are packaged using fully recyclable packaging too.

The company also uses this information so that they can help consumers understand how to use it and educate them further. For example, Kabo will provide you with information such as your dog’s daily caloric intake, limiting risks such as obesity from developing.

Like humans, all dogs are different and require a unique, catered approach to their diets. And this is possibly the most unique thing about Kabo.

I did some testing to find out exactly how much it would be for my Jack Russell Terrier, Mollie, who weighs 8kg.

When you have filled in all the relevant information about your pup, you are able to choose two diets. So the two combinations I tried was:

  • Savoury Beef Recipe + Luscious Lamb Recipe (100% Kabo Diet)
  • Tender Chicken Recipe + Chicken Kibble (50% Kabo Cooked/50% Kabo Kibble)

Interestingly, the interface will let you choose a variety of options for how much of Kabo’s formulas you want to use in your pups daily diet.

Here was how much it would cost for a 100% Kabo diet with the combination of Beef and Lamb.


It is worth noting, however, that it automatically applied a 50% discount on my first order. You can see how much it would cost without this discount code.

Here was how much it would cost for a 50% cooked and 50% kibble combination.


While Kabo uses high-quality ingredients and maintains the highest safety and quality controls, it does remain slightly more expensive compared to other pet food manufacturers.

But, unlike most other pet food companies, Kabo offers free shipping on all subscriptions and orders. Also, all subscribers have access to a free call with Kabo’s in-house vet Dr. Suzee. In my opinion, the quality of ingredients they use severely outweighs the slightly higher price you are paying for the formulas.

Kabo Dog Food Products

Kabo’s variety of dog foods are somewhat limited compared to other pet food brands. However, Kabo primarily focuses on “natural, high-quality ingredients” with a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables with premium meat-based protein sources.

Kabo offers its customers 5 freshly-made diets and three dry kibble formulas. Here are some of the main product lines that are available:

Kabo Savoury Beef Recipe

  • First 5 ingredients: Fresh Ground Beef, Russet Potato, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Red Apples
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 10% Protein, 7% Fat, 0.5% Fiber, 74% Moisture
  • Animal Sources: Fresh Ground Beef, Beef Liver
  • Estimated Carbohydrates: 8.5%
  • Caloric Content: 1382 kcal/kg
  • Life Stage: All Life Stages

This grain-free formula offers dogs of all life stages, including puppies and pregnant dogs, a balanced meal with plenty of protein and whole fruits and vegetables that aid digestive systems and promote overall well-being.

The first ingredient in the list is fresh ground beef which largely contributes to the 10% protein. While this protein amount appears lower to other dry kibble formulas, this 10% protein is 38.46% on a dry matter basis.

Beef is a great source of protein, but is also rich in B vitamins, such as B3, B6, and B12. Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide, plays a vital role in the formation and maintenance of nervous tissue. Meanwhile, vitamin B12 helps protect tissue that protects your dog’s brain, protecting their physiological functions. [6]

Added sweet potato and russet potato are the main sources of the 8.5% carbohydrates and 0.5% fiber. However, these starchy vegetables also provide essential vitamins and nutrients like magnesium, iron, and vitamin A.

Sweet potato is considered an ideal source of antioxidants which prevent oxidative tissue damage. The inclusion of whole carrots are used to provide additional nutritional support for sensitive skin and motor functions.

The 7% crude fat content largely originates from the inclusion of fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids help promote healthy skin and coats for dogs, but they also effectively manage inflammation and prevent heart disease. [7]

Many dog owners with picky eaters comment on how well their pup got on with this formula. While other dog parents noticed vast improvements in their dog’s overall wellbeing and energy levels. Notably, this formula is great for active dogs due to the low 1382 kcal/kg caloric content

Kabo Delicious Duck Kibble

Kabo Delicious Duck Kibble
  • First 5 ingredients: Duck meal, Green peas, Red lentils, Pea starch, Faba beans
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 28% Protein, 15% Fat, 4% Fiber, 10% Moisture
  • Animal Sources: Duck Meal
  • Estimated Carbohydrates: 43%
  • Caloric Content: 3570 kcal/kg
  • Life Stage: All Life Stages

This high-quality kibble effectively manages dog food allergies by using a single protein source and excluding common allergens like corn, soy, and wheat.

The moderate 28% protein content comes from Duck meal. This lean meat is also considered a rich source of iron, which plays a key role in producing hemoglobin. 

Hemoglobin delivers oxygen around your pup’s body and removes carbon dioxide. [8]

Added green peas acts as an alternative carbohydrate source to potatoes, an ingredient frequently identified to cause allergies for dogs, and excludes chicken too.

Legumes like peas and red lentils bolster the 4% fiber content of the recipe, which primarily comes from the inclusion of pumpkin and spinach. Dietary fibers like these help aid digestion by promoting beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Flaxseed and sunflower oil contain large amounts of omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coats for dogs. Likewise, these fatty acids help manage inflammation and prevent allergies from forming.

Impressively, Kabo adds taurine which is ideal for dogs with significant heart disease risks. This amino acid plays a vital role in lowering blood pressure and enhancing cardiovascular functionality.

Many dog owners noticed improvements in their dog’s allergies when they switched to this diet. Likewise, some dog parents liked the added effort of including taurine in the diet. 

The higher caloric content may make it unsuitable for dogs with weight control issues.

Kabo Tender Chicken Recipe

Kabo Tender Chicken Recipe
  • First 5 ingredients: Fresh ground chicken, Long grain rice, Chicken liver, Carrots, Red apples
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 12% Protein, 3% Fat, 0.2% Fiber, 70% Moisture
  • Animal Sources: Fresh ground chicken, Chicken liver
  • Estimated Carbohydrates: 14.8%
  • Caloric Content: 1404 kcal/kg
  • Life Stage: All Life Stages

This low fat recipe is a great option for dogs with sensitivities, weight issues, and seniors. This diet uses easily digestible ingredients that are packed full with vitamins and nutrients to provide a nutritious meal for your pup.

Freshly ground chicken provides rich amounts of amino acids and largely contributes to the overall 12% crude protein content of the recipe. Amino acids like  glucosamine and chondroitin help form cartilage tissue around your dogs joints and help support healthy bone development. 

Chicken is considered one of the best animal protein sources because of it’s low fat content and high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. [9]

Added chicken liver ensures there is a stable supply of iron for your pup. Organ meats are ingredients full of nutrients and contain excellent amounts of vitamin A. [10]

Whole grain rice is the main contributor to the 14.8% carbohydrates in the recipe. The inclusion of this ingredient is a great choice as it’s gentle on tummies and a rich source of natural energy for dogs.

Whole fruit and vegetables like carrots, red apples and green beans provide a stable source of antioxidants that help increase your dog’s overall skin health and muscle function.

Notably, this recipe excludes low-quality ingredients like by-products, artificial preservatives and fillers. This is an ideal option for sensitive pups. The lower 1404 kcal/kg caloric content is well suited for older pups due to the sedentary lifestyle and lack of mobility. 

Most dog parent reviews share stories of how much their pup loves this formula. And, other dog owners with seniors noticed improvements in their overall mobility and energy levels.

Kabo Recall History

To date, there have been no recalls of any Kabo dog foods.

However, it is worth noting that Kabo is a fairly new company that started in 2019.

Why not try out our dog food recalls guide! We have curated all the dog food recalls between 2018 to 2021, where you can sort them by brand, and reason.

Our Verdict

Kabo is a fresh take on the standard dog food you see everywhere else. 

While the company is a newcomer to the pet food industry, Kabo has taken the Canadian market by storm for their balanced, nutritional, freshly-made meals. 

They don’t compromise on quality either, with the company constantly excluding low-quality ingredients like by-products, artificial fillers, and preservatives.

Overall, I recommend Kabo’s dog foods because of their rigid safety protocols and how they use an in-house pet nutritionist to formulate their diets. The impressive quality of ingredients in many of their formulas means you’re not short of options to choose from either!

If you’ve been looking for a dog food company that prides itself in its customer service and high-quality recipes using whole ingredients packed full of nutrients, Kabo is the perfect choice.

Discuss with your veterinarian today to find out whether Kabo dog food is the best choice for your furry friend.

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