Purina Cat Food Review | Recalls & Ratings

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Purina Cat Food Review: 2022

Purina is one of the largest pet food companies globally and is owned by Nestlé.

This brand has an impressive number of product ranges that cater to the unique needs of both cats and dogs. And Purina Pro Plan is one of the best premium cat foods this company makes.

Purina also offers cats a range of veterinary prescription diets that soothe the symptoms and aid cats suffering from specific health problems. They receive endorsement from vets worldwide, and formulate these high-quality diets in partnership with veterinary bodies like the ACVIM and WSAVA.

All of their dry and wet cat foods are 100% nutritional and complete. Plus, they often meet, or even exceed, the high standards of the AAFCO.

Continue reading this Purina cat food review to discover the huge amounts of products this brand makes, it’s rich history, and any recalls it may have suffered. 

About Purina

Purina is one of the most established brands in the pet food industry. Most of us as pet owners have heard of Purina.

Purina’s history starts as early as 1894 when it was known as Ralston-Purina. The founder, William H. Denforth launched the company following the purchase of an animal feed company, Purina Mills.

They manufactured products ranging from pet food to animal feed. And even today, their products cover a variety of pets and animals. The company was eventually purchased by Nestlé (one of the largest food companies globally) in 2001 and merged with several divisions to create Nestlé Purina Petcare Company.

Today, Purina is considered the second-largest pet food company in the world and the largest manufacturer in the USA.

Ingredients Quality

Purina heavily focuses on investing in scientific research and development through it’s Purina Institute. And this is one of the key things that sets Purina aside from other competitors.

The Purina Institute is a worldwide network of scientific communications and resources that shares groundbreaking scientific data. It has more than 100 partnerships, where it works closely with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and partners with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM).

Most of the brand’s product range contains high-quality ingredients like fresh animal meats to act as primary protein sources. That being said, they can sometimes contain processed animal meals too.

And on occasions, their products will include FDA approved artificial colouring agents like Blue 2. [1]

All of the pet products manufactured by Purina adhere (or exceed) the AAFCO nutrient profiles. What’s more, their grain-free diets will supplement amino acids like taurine to prevent certain heart conditions like Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). [2]

Purina Environment Policies

With a growing number of pet parents becoming environmentally conscious, Purina has begun to put systems and policies in place to reduce its carbon footprint. [3

Nestlé aims to reduce water consumption, greenhouse gases, and eliminate waste disposal from all their manufacturing facilities. In fact, Purina’s Colorado facility has the state’s biggest privately-owned solar panel system for power. 

As a company, Purina maintains that all it’s ingredients contained in its recipes are sustainably sourced to protect the environment and your cat too.

And with that in mind, Purina also has to adhere to Nestlés supplier standards and codes. This is because Nestlé has faced controversy in the past, being accused by Greenpeace of sourcing palm oil from environmentally destructive producers. [4]

Nestlé has since revised it’s suppliers and sources for ingredients, dropping any which didn’t adhere to their high-quality standards. 

Purina Cat Food Product Lines

Purina has a huge range of products for a number of domestic pets. Here’s a list of all the product lines they currently have for cats. 

Purina ONE

Purina ONE is a well established product line that offers cats a high-quality meal that’s more affordable than other brands. 

All Purina ONE formulas contain high-quality animal protein sources like chicken, salmon, beef, and turkey.  And these real meats will always feature as the first ingredient in all the recipes.

This product range also offers products for specific health problems like dry skin or hairball control. Purina ONE also has grain-free diets and comes in both dry and canned foods. 

Purina Beyond

The Purina Beyond product range includes whole ingredients like real animal meats, fruits, and vegetables. Most of it’s recipes include whole grains for a boost of nutrients. But, there are some limited ingredient, grain-free diets available too. 

They also cater for indoor cats too. These complete and balanced diets contain certified organic ingredients, and whole fruits and vegetables for digestive and immune support.

The product range is available in both dry and wet cat foods. 

Purina Pro Plan

Pro Plan is widely considered Purina’s most popular product line. It’s premium formulas use only the finest ingredients that provide advanced nutrition for cats. 

This product line includes recipes for a variety of health problems and scenarios including hairball control, weight management, sensitive skin, and urinary tract health. 

What’s more, Purina Pro Plan features a diet specifically made to extend the lives of senior cats. While it’s newly-established LiveClear cat food helps reduce allergens in your cat’s hair and danger by 47% on average. 

Most of it’s recipes are fortified with guaranteed live probiotics to support the digestive system and improve immune health. Purina Pro Plan is available in dry and wet cat foods for kittens, adults, seniors, and indoor cats.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Purina’s veterinary product line offers tailored nutrition for cats with certain health problems.

These therapeutic diets are crafted using decades of research that’s formulated by over 500 scentifists, veterinarians, nutritionists, and behaviorists. But while they’re not explicitly designed to replace medication, they aim to soothe certain symptoms suffered by the affected body. 

It’s now considered common practice for vets to prescribe these diets for health issues like urinary tract conditions, diabetes, kidney function, and weight management. But that’s just naming a few. 

Each recipe is made to adhere to a specific nutrient profile and meet your cat’s unique nutritional needs. And because of how popular this product range is with vets and cat parents, it’s available in dry and wet foods. 

Purina Cat Chow

Cat Chow is available in both kitten, adult, senior, and indoor cat formulas. Some of the product range’s formulas also aid muscle and brain development, improve sensitive tummies, and support joint health. 

Cat Chow cat food often uses real meats like chicken as the first ingredient. However, some diets do include chicken (or poultry) by-product meals. 

In the past, Purina has included several EU and US approved artificial ingredients. But recently, the product line has moved away from doing this. In fact, most of its diets are now free of artificial preservatives, coloring, or flavors.

With that in mind, while these ingredients can be off-putting for some cat parents, most owners recommend the diet for it’s palatability and affordability. 

Purina Fancy Feast

Purina Fancy Feast is a range of culinary-inspired meals using natural widely-recognized ingredients. Every can is 100% complete and balanced for most adult cats, and is available in both gravy and pate varieties to entice even the fussiest eaters.

But while the majority of products in this range are canned recipes, it does come as a dry food too. These formulas are lightly cooked and basted for a crunchy finish. Plus, they include savory meats like chicken and turkey, as well as real seafood like salmon and shrimp. 

Purina Friskies

The Friskies product line focuses on delivering a flavorful exciting range of wet and dry foods. These formulas use tasty ingredients to play with your cat’s curiosity and playfulness.

However, the ingredients can be somewhat inconsistent. Some of it’s wet foods contain unnamed animal meats and by-products. 

Most of their dry cat foods will have ground yellow corn as the first ingredient. This is then followed by several meat meals that act as the primary protein sources. They can also contain several artificial colorings.

That being said, numerous cat owners will still choose Purina Friskies wet foods for its intense flavor and palatability. And numerous owner reviews share successful experiences with their picky eaters too. 

Purina Kit & Kaboodle

Kit & Kaboodle is specifically formulated for adult indoor cats. It’s another product range focused on enhanced flavor and unique textures. 

The recipes are 100% complete and are available in both dry and wet diets. But like the Friskies product range, many of it’s dry formulas contain ground yellow corn as the first ingredient. Meat by-product meals feature further down the list for a dense protein source.

That being said, it’s wet foods will include real meat. But, they can contain unnamed meat by-products which can be off putting for many cat owners.  

Purina Recall History

Because of its long history, Purina has been subject to a variety of recalls. Here are some of the most recent recalls this brand’s cat and dog product lines have suffered.

  • March 2007: Purina issued a voluntary recall on it’s 5.3 oz Mighty Dog brand because of a potential melamine contamination. By the end of March, Purina extended this recall to include it’s 13.2 and 22 oz ALPO Prime Cuts, and several of it’s ALPO Variety Packs. [5,6]
  • June 2012: A voluntary recall was issued on a specific lot of canned Purina Veterinary Diets OM (Overweight Management) Feline Formula. The company issued the recall because there were abnormally low levels of thiamine. [7]
  • August 2013: Nestlé Purina PetCare Company voluntarily recalled a select amount of it’s 3.5 lb bags of Purina ONE Beyond White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Dog Food. This was caused after routine testing identified a possible salmonella contamination. [8]
  • March 2016: Several 10 oz tubs of Beneful wet dog food with product codes #5363 to ​​#6054 were recalled by Purina due to inadequate minerals and vitamins. The recall also included Purina Pro Plan Savory Meals canned dog food with product codes #5363 to ​​#6054. [9]
  • March 2019: Purina’s Muse wet food was voluntarily recalled because some potentially contained pieces of rubber. The only product affected was it’s Natural Chicken Recipe in Gravy 3 oz canned cat food with UPC code 38100 17199 and best-by-date APR2020. [10]
  • July 2021: A voluntary recall was issued following reports of black plastic pieces contained in a limited amount of Purina’s 3 oz cans of Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Tuna Entrée canned cat food. The affected product has a lot code of 11621160 and a best-by-date of JUN2023.

You can view an updated list of all pet food recalls here

Is Purina A Good Choice?

Purina offers a fantastic range of product lines for a variety of scenarios, ages, and health problems. And they’re extensive range caters for both budget-conscious cat owners and owners looking for a premium diet.

But, because of its long history, Purina has been subject to multiple pet food recalls over the years.

That being said, it still hasn’t stopped being a popular choice for many cat parents. 

This is why we highly recommend it in this Purina cat food review. Their product lines of Purina ONE, Purina Pro Plan, and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are among the best in the industry. 

And these high-quality formulas offer cats real animal meats for protein, powerful superfoods for antioxidants, and supplemented probiotics for a digestion boost. And they’re pretty affordable too.

But some of their diets from ranges like Friskies, mainly focused on flavor and palatability, leaves a lot to be desired. 


How Much Does Purina Cat Food Cost?

Purina has several product ranges. They have premium diets available like Purina Pro Plan and affordable cat foods from Purina Beyond.

Some Purina Pro Plan diets can cost on average $3.45 per pound of dry kibble vs an industry average of $3.25. Whereas, affordable diets like Beyond can cost as little as $2.87 per pound. 

Is Purina Recommended by Vets?

Like us cat parents, vets will have different opinions on Purina. But, it’s product ranges like Purina Pro Plan receives support from several well-known veterinary bodies like the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).

Where is Purina Cat Food Made?

Purina has several manufacturing facilities worldwide. They have plants in European countries like the UK, Germany, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, and Poland, as well as the USA and Russia.

These factories are strategically located to ensure close proximity to Purina’s customers. So if you’re based in the US, you’ll receive pet food manufactured in the USA. 

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