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Diamond Naturals Cat Food Review

Diamond pet food is a famous, well-established brand that produces several dog and cat foods. Their formulas are available in over 100 countries, manufactured in multiple factories in the United States.

They’re famous for how they incorporate high-quality superfoods like spinach and blueberries into their products.

But while their diets simply cannot compete with most premium brands, they still offer pets high-quality ingredients at an affordable price. 

Having a balanced and complete meal is crucial for cats to support their overall well-being. So we’ve been busy diving into several top cat food brands to help pet parents like you select a nutritional meal for your furry friend. 

Keep reading this Diamond Naturals cat food review to discover more about this popular brand, including its controversial history and recalls. 

About Diamond

Diamond Pet Foods creates its recipes based on the latest scientific research to meet the unique nutritional needs of cats.

The company’s primary product lines consist of all-natural formulas for cats and numerous grain-free recipes for dogs. 

Their formulas include real animal meats and fresh fruits and vegetables to provide pets with plenty of high-quality minerals and vitamins.

Diamond claims their formulas only use the finest ingredients available. While the ingredients vary in each diet, the overall quality of Diamond cat foods is vastly superior to other budget-friendly options.

What’s more, the brand is widely recognized for how their diets include premium ingredients like blueberries and spinach. These powerful superfoods aren’t typically used in traditional cat foods.

Diamond Pet Food is a family-run business, owning various well-established brands like Taste of the Wild, Nutra Gold, and Professional.

They own several large factories where they also manufacture pet products for other brands. Solid Gold and Wellness are two examples of famous brands of pet foods made in Diamond Pet Food’s facilities.

That being said, Diamond has suffered several controversial situations over the years, especially regarding recalls. And they’ve been responsible for recalls suffered by other brands too. 

The History of Diamond Pet Foods

Diamond Pet Foods was established in 1970 by a team of brothers-in-law. They began crafting pet foods that were both premium and affordable for consumers. During this time, they purchased a company called Meta Feed and Grain, based in Meta, Missouri.

This company was initially focused on producing cattle feed for local farmers. However, Richard Kampeter and Gary Schell shifted their focus towards domestic pet products.

The company rebranded into Diamond Pet Foods after a hunter explained how their food made his dog’s coat as “shiny as a diamond.” And after initially struggling, the company is now considered the fifth-largest pet food company globally. 

To this day, the company is still family-owned. And their rich history is what guides and drives their business values to produce only the finest pet foods.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Diamond Pet Foods originally made their formulas in their Meta, Missouri manufacturing plant until 1999. When they eventually expanded, they opened other factories in Arkansas, California, and South Carolina.

And although Diamond pet foods are available in over 100 countries, the company still manufactures its products in the United States. But the company still doesn’t clearly state exactly where they source their ingredients.

Some of the ingredients in Diamond’s pet foods can be from other countries. However, the company maintains these are from trusted suppliers with unique, long-standing relationships.

Diamond Pet Food Controversies

Sadly, this innovative pet food company has been subject to several legal controversies and recalls.

In April 2012, some of Diamond’s primary product lines and ingredient-specific diets suffered a large recall. The recall occurred following some samples testing positive for Salmonella in their South Carolina facility. [1]

This contamination eventually spread, infecting a large number of pets and people in multiple states. 

Eventually, a consumer class action lawsuit accused the company of negligence following the outbreak. Diamond Pet Food settled the lawsuit for $2 million.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time this happened. In December 2005, several pets died after eating moldy dog food from the South Carolina plant. The contaminated food contained aflatoxin and caused over 100 dog deaths. [2]

After three years, the lawsuit was eventually settled for $3.1 million. 

Ingredients Quality

Diamond claims their formulas only contain the highest quality ingredients to adhere to AAFCO guidelines. And while other premium brands offer better quality ingredients, Diamond still offers high-quality, affordable recipes.

Most of their cat foods feature real animal sources for protein as the first ingredient. Usually, this will be chicken. But some product lines offer alternative meats like lamb, turkey, or venison.

High-quality animal meats offer cats the amino acids they need to support essential body organs and muscle development. Animal meats should be a cat’s primary source of protein compared to plant proteins.

Unlike low-quality brands, what makes the brand unique is how they include nutritious whole fruits and vegetables for added nutrients. 

Every diamond cat food contains prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health by encouraging nutrient absorption.

But different product lines can vary in quality. For example, Diamond’s basic product line includes refined grains and poultry by-products.

Cat owners wanting the best available ingredient should consider the Diamond Naturals diets.

What Brands of Cat Food Does Diamond Make?

The Diamond Pet Food company owns multiple brands of cat food. However, Diamond’s flagship brand offers only three product lines to cats. These are Diamond’s basic line, Diamond Naturals, and Diamond Care. 

They offer both dry and wet foods for cats in specific product lines. 

Diamond Pet Formulas

To date, Diamond’s basic product line offers a single recipe to meet the everyday needs of cats. This is the cheapest recipe available to cat owners. But when compared to other Diamond product lines, it contains lower-quality ingredients.

This formula is explicitly made for maintenance. It has a moderate amount of protein and healthy doses of fats suitable for most adult cats. Plus, it adheres to the AAFCO recommendations for maintenance too. 

Chicken by-product meal starts off the recipe. Meat meals offer a concentrated protein source that’s still affordable. That being said, by-products provide less nutritional value compared to real meats due to the additional processing.

The product also contains refined grains. For example, it features ground corn and wheat flour, which are lower in fiber than whole grains. Plus, these ingredients are common allergens. So this cat food is unsuitable for cats with food allergies. 

Diamond Naturals

We often recommend Diamond Naturals to pet parents, especially if they struggle to find a budget-friendly diet.

This product line provides holistic nutrition to cats using whole ingredients. Plus, cats benefit from rare ingredients like blueberries, papaya, and pumpkin.

These nutritious ingredients support the digestive and immune systems. Plus, they give a boost in nutrients without adding unnecessary calories.

All Diamond Naturals cat foods are crafted for cats with unique nutritional needs. Their special formulas include diets for indoor and active cats. Plus, they offer a diet for kittens. 

Each diet will contain specific macronutrients needed to support your cat. But each cat food will include high-quality ingredients consistently. Cat parents can also select canned wet food or dry kibble based on their cat’s preference.

Unlike Diamond’s basic product line, all Diamond Naturals cat foods feature real animal meats as the primary protein source. Plus, a cat’s digestive system gets an added boost from supplemented probiotics in every meal. But, to date, there are no grain-free diets available to choose from. 

Diamond Care

The Diamond Care range is pretty limited for cats. It’s only available in two specific diets. Each recipe is made to meet the needs of particular health problems. The formulas include in this range a recipe to support cats with weight or urinary problems.

The urinary support formula uses controlled magnesium and phosphorus to help reduce pH levels, improving urinary tract health. It also offers high-quality antioxidants for the immune system. Plus, it has a precise blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to nourish the skin and improve coats. 

Likewise, the weight management formula has high concentrations of L-Carnitine to aid fat metabolism and probiotics for an optimal digestive system. 

This weight control formula is also suitable for cats with grain sensitivities or food allergies.

Both Diamond Care formulas contain high-quality ingredients like flaxseed, dried chicory root, and salmon oil. Plus, both recipes adhere to the specific recommendations set out by the AAFCO.

Diamond Pet Food Recalls

Over many years, Diamond Pet Food has suffered several serious recalls, despite their meticulous safety protocols. Here’s an updated list of recalls suffered by Diamond Pet Foods.

  • December 2005: The FDA issued a recall on specific dog and cat foods after routine testing identified possible aflatoxin found in mold. Tragically, this resulted in over 100 dog deaths. [3]
  • April 2012: Diamond Pet Foods voluntarily recalled a single product line because of possible salmonella contamination. At the time, they believed it only affected a specific lot of Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice dog food. [4]
  • May 2012: The FDA expanded the voluntary recall to include several specific Diamond pet foods batches. Although none of these batches tested positive for salmonella, the company decided to continue the recall for safety reasons. The recall included multiple dog food and cat food products distributed and sold across the USA by the end of May. [5,6]
  • March 2013: Diamond Naturals issues a voluntary recall on certain cat foods due to low levels of thiamine. [7]

Due to the large number of recalls, Diamond Pet Foods focused heavily on quality and safety programs. This was to protect the health and well-being of its consumers and prevent further recalls in the future. 

The company now has rigorous testing in place. And they now have meticulous safety practices. In fact, their manufacturing facilities use a unique water purification system to reduce bacteria and air quality control to prevent mold. [8,9]

You can view an updated list of all pet food recalls here

What’s the Verdict?

Most Diamond cat food reviews demonstrate how this family-owned business continues to craft high-quality cat food that’s incredibly affordable.

We recommend Diamond Naturals because it’s the best quality kibble for cats made by this popular brand. Other Diamond products are also available for a variety of scenarios. But, Diamond Naturals is by far the best for value and quality.

This brand has suffered multiple recalls in the past. But their recent safety and quality practices continue to work towards the company’s values of producing only the finest, safest meals to pets. They’ve made mistakes but have gone a long way in reassuring cat parents.

Discuss with your vet to determine if Diamond cat food is suitable for your furry friend.

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